Proper and compliant conduct is the top priority of the Roto Group. The success of our company is based on integrity and compliance. So that we can adhere to these principles, it is important that we are told of potential misconduct which could have serious consequences for our company.

Our whistleblowing system is designed primarily for receiving and handling tip-offs relating to actual or suspected violations of laws, internal guidelines (such as the internal monitoring system (IMS)) and tip-offs relating to conduct which could lead to significant financial loss for Roto or damage to its reputation.

The whistleblowing system is also designed for receiving and handling tip-offs relating to risks or actual violations along the supply chain, in particular human rights violations or environmental malpractice, or the risks of such legal violations. Please use the “Report misconduct in the supply chain” tile for this purpose.

We investigate and systematically follow up on every tip-off we receive. Our investigations are strictly confidential; if required, tip-offs can also be submitted anonymously. We also guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and the persons affected, as well as the members of staff involved in clarifying the information.

Reporting potential misconduct

  • You have the option to submit your tip-offs directly and confidentially, or also anonymously if required, using the digital whistleblowing system, to share documents and to stay in touch using a dedicated mailbox.
  • There are other ways to submit tip-offs if you do not want to use the digital whistleblowing system. Please refer to the Roto Whistleblowing Guideline or the Roto Rules of Procedure for more details on other ways to submit a tip-off.
  • It is important to note the following when using the digital whistleblowing system: if your preferred language is not listed, it is possible to submit a tip-off in any other language of your choice. Whistleblowers can choose whether or not they would like to remain anonymous. The system has been checked for compliance with data protection legislation.

Submitting a tip-off

To ensure that your tip-off is handled and investigated appropriately, it is important that your tip-off is as specific as possible. It would be helpful if you addressed the following five questions in your tip-off:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Where?

Please note that, as a whistleblower, your descriptions may be handled by individuals from outside your area of expertise. It would therefore be helpful if you were available to answer any further questions.

Roto Whistleblowing Guideline / Roto Rules of Procedure

For more details of how tip-offs are handled, please refer to the Roto Whistleblowing Guideline for general legal violations, or internal guidelines / the Roto Rules of Procedure for tip-offs along the supply chain. These documents are linked in the digital whistleblowing system.

Please note

The whistleblowing system is not available for general complaints, internal (personal) disputes or grievances, or for product and warranty enquiries. If you have any general complaints or product or warranty enquiries, please contact the local Roto service unit; for internal disputes or grievances, please contact your supervisor, the process owner or HR

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