Roto analysis of sliding systems / Clear growth segment / Ideal for general trends and market requirements / Lasting upturn requires high-performance hardware product ranges / “Roto Patio Inowa” – an all-in-one problem-solver / Industry innovation for sliding sashes weighing up to 400 kg / Wide application variety for many window formats / For all frame materials and building types / Acquisition of expertise for planning engineers and architects too / Operating convenience and system protection at the same time / Tight sealing, even in bad weather conditions / Other “smart” shared features, from security to design / Efficiency thanks to streamlined production

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – After an eventful history, an opening type based on a principle dating back 2000 years has been experiencing a dramatic upturn for some time now – and it looks set to stay this way. According to analysis conducted by Roto, modern sliding systems are ideal to extensively cater to the radically changed market trends and requirements of today and tomorrow. They are now suitable for all application ranges and also fulfil all relevant trends in windows and balcony doors. The focus is on more light, larger glass surfaces, floor-to-ceiling elements, slim profiles, integrated concealed hardware, energy efficiency and sound insulation. The constantly growing demand for accessible and convenient solutions as a result of demographic change is also underpinning the rise of the modern Sliding generation. Its appeal is also due to intuitive operation.

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Roto’s analysis goes on to describe how the positive aspects of sliding systems are also based on general environmental influences – in a similar way as energy saving and security windows. This includes the housing situation, which is increasingly reaching critical levels especially in urban areas. In many countries, the growing demand for housing is coming up against a limited number of available properties. This, in turn, leads to often extreme price rises. Sliding elements often provide a solution in two respects here. On the one hand, they ensure that scarce space resources are used effectively as, in contrast to Turn-Only sashes, for example, they require no space for turning. On the other hand, every square metre saved through the use of sliding systems noticeably reduces the financial burden on investors and residents.

There is another fundamentally important factor in the shape of climate change and the resulting increasingly frequent occurrence of extreme weather situations. For window designs and their components, this means that they must be able to withstand enormous forces in these phases. Needless to say, the challenge of remaining stable and tightly sealed in such conditions also applies to sliding solutions. With these criteria in mind, the industrial window and door technology specialist is predicting a “lasting upsurge” in movable systems. However, this calls for hardware product ranges which offer the high performance that is expected at every level internationally. It is mainly universal, flexible, economical, reliable and convenient product lines which are able to do this. The “Roto Patio Inowa” portfolio has earned the accolade “One for all” due to its wide variety of tangible practical benefits.

Universal qualities

While the established “200” design is suitable for a sash weight of up to 200 kg, the “400” version, which has been available since the start of 2022, is literally in a new dimension. This refers to the maximum dimensions of 3000 mm x 3600 mm (width x height) as well as its suitability for equipping sliding sashes weighing up to 400 kg. “Patio Inowa” for sashes weighing 400 kg is the first and only solution of its kind to date in the “Retract & Slide” class. The entire range therefore lays the foundation for a “scope of applications that is truly one of a kind” in the industry.

This relates firstly to its compatibility with all common frame materials. Various sizes are also covered. The available versions therefore range from small sliding windows to ceiling-height sliding elements. Lastly, the system’s suitability for use in private, commercial and public properties is also an important selling point for this “all-rounder”. The range extends from detached houses and apartment buildings, through to schools, office buildings and hotels, as well as major projects affected by high noise levels and extreme wind loads.. “Patio Inowa” proves its universal qualities through the integrated acquisition of expertise, particularly for planning engineers and architects.

Furthermore, the easy operation of even extra-large and heavy door leaves thanks to the “400” innovation is one of the hardware system’s decisive advantages. The basis for the “smart sliding” is the special closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile, which does away with the need to lift the sash. It is easy, quiet and convenient to open thanks to the construction on roller bearings. Especially when the elements are operated by many different users or are subject to extreme loading, such as in hotels, schools and other buildings accessed on a regular basis, it also protects the sliding system as a whole. The optional and combinable Soft functions ensure mechanically controlled, braked opening and closing to increase comfort and reduce material wear.

Function and form as a unit

In the overview, the producer lists more of the product range’s shared features. For instance, the circumferential gasket and the active control of the locking points ensure absolutely sealed sash elements in all weight classes, even in bad weather conditions with storms and heavy rain. This, in turn, reduces heating and cooling costs at the same time. Equipped with corresponding components, burglary inhibition can be achieved in accordance with RC 2. Furthermore, fully concealed wired magnetic locking system contact elements can be added to the system and these monitor the opening and locking status of the sash in accordance with VdS class B.

The growing demand for well-designed objects in the building sector is met by the concealed technology, elegant components and cover caps. The same also applies to low thresholds that allow for an accessible transition in accordance with DIN 18040.

Proven at an international level

The ease of integration into window manufacturers’ usually automated production processes ensures direct economical benefits for the customer. This results from the limitation to a small number of screws, sophisticated aids, such as drilling jigs, and the straightforward release of the centre fixing, among other things. Furthermore, the storage and logistics expenditure is noticeably reduced thanks to the use of compatible “Roto NX” and “Roto AL” Tilt&Turn hardware. For instance, large quantities of high-quality sliding elements can be produced efficiently. Moreover, numerous international case studies confirm the individual practical application of the “Patio Inowa” range.

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A number of shared features characterise the “Roto Patio Inowa” sliding hardware range in its two versions for sliding sashes weighing up to 200 kg and 400 kg. This leads to tangible practical advantages with regard to application variety, sealing, security, design and production.
“One for all” – this is how you can describe the “Roto Patio Inowa” hardware product range for modern sliding systems. It impresses due to an “application variety that is truly one of a kind in the industry”, among other benefits.
The “Roto Patio Inowa” product range is now even suitable for sliding sashes weighing up to 400 kg, making it an industry innovation.

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