A highly insulated slide and lift-slide aluminium sliding door: meets the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety. Available with various opening options. A low threshold option is also available making it a suitable sliding door for building accessibility. A special corner solution makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element, creating perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • 2.5 mm structual wall thickness on the main profiles to ensure the strengh.
  • 60 mm sight surface width of mullion to satisfy modern architectural aesthetic.
  • Glass thickness range from 5mm to 36mm.
  • Intergrated damper in the gear helps to prevent uncontrollable handle rebounding.
  • Stainless roller bogie ensures outstanding durabiltity and corrosion resistance.
    • Static Pressure Air: 300 Pa
    • Static Pressure Water: 500 Pa
    • Cylic Static Pressure Water: 0 ~ 1000 Pa
    • Structural Performance: 1500 Pa
    • Proof Load: 2250 Pa

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Roto Frank Asia Pacific