Tight Seal Sliding: Rotoi Patio130 IW is setting new standards for sliding openings when it comes to tightness and security, is therefore ideal for all kinds of building. The system guarantees to remain tightly sealed when facing challenges from extreme climate, especially in heavy storms.

  • Available in outside run sash and inside run sash with barrier free threshold
  • 80mm sight surface width of mullion without losing strength and security
  • Possibility to reinforce the mullion from inside and outside
  • S316 Stainless steel track for smoother sliding and long service life
  • Glass thickness range from 5mm to 36mm
    • Static Pressure Air: 600 Pa
    • Static Pressure Water: 1000 Pa
    • Cylic Static Pressure Water: 0 ~ 1300 Pa
    • Structural Performance: 2700 Pa
    • Proof Load: 4050 Pa
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Roto Frank Asia Pacific