“FS Kempton” friction stays for Top-hung and Side-hung windows

Roto Aluvision with significantly extended range for outward opening windows / With Roto “FS Kempton” friction stays, complete coverage of all standard sash widths and heights of Top-Hung and Side-Hung aluminium windows on the market / Proven range for use in all profile materials / Harmonious opening movement and excellent operating convenience, even with heavy sashes / High-quality surfaces / Corrosion class 5 / “german made” quality for manufacturers on all continents

Leinfelden-Echterdingen –Roto offers a wide range of products for outward opening windows too. The range of “FS Kempton” friction stays has been recently revised and improved once again. It includes stainless-steel scissor stays for windows in many formats and – depending on the installation space – made from all frame materials. Thanks to particularly careful grading, theextended range now completely covers the entire spectrum of sash widths and heights in which Top-Hung and Side-Hung aluminium windows are typically produced. Choosing the compatible friction stays is easy, as the assignment to the sash dimensions is clear.

Complete range of applications

The new Rotofriction stays were designed for Top-Hung windows with a sash weight of up to 180 kg and for Side-Hung windows. They are available in sizes from 8” to 26” for Top-Hung windows up to a sash height of 2500 mm and in sizes from 8” to 16” for Side-Hung windows up to a sash width of 750 mm. All scissor stays are marked so that they can be clearly identified at all times during window production and maintenance.

Operating convenience, even with heavy sashes

By using “FS Kempton”, window manufacturers will have no problem in catering to current architectural trends and meeting demands for increased energy efficiency. This is because the range makes it possible to produce user-friendly windows even for heavy glazing. The opening movement stays harmonious until the sash reaches its final position. Details such as optimised run-up blocks, upstands and adapted kinematics make the new friction stays easy to install and operate.

Quality right from the outset

The premium surface finish of the “FS Kempton” friction stays can be attributed to the use of high-quality primary material on the one hand, and the processing on the most advanced system in Roto’s network of factories on the other hand. They are made from rounded-off, austenitic stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) of the kind used in medical instruments. Numerous design features of the scissor stays also ensure functional safety and durability.

The optimised fixing of the retraction mechanism, for instance, ensures that the scissor stays permanently run in precisely. The brake is made of high-quality PVC which improves the sliding properties and reduces the fluctuations in the friction forces. The guide tracks of the opening restrictors feature a rolled precision contour.

Corrosion resistance class 5

The corrosion resistance of “FS Kempton” corresponds to class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 13126-6. “When revising the friction stays, immense value was attached to a very high surface quality in particular,” explains Claus Peuker, Head of Product Planning and Launches in the Aluvision Innovation team. This is because the claim being made by Roto is that its friction stays can also be used in regions with extreme weather conditions and a high corrosion risk.

“german made” reliability

The latest generation of “FS Kempton” friction stays fully meets Roto’s “german made” quality standard and is an expression of the consistent implementation of values such as reliability and engineering skills in high-performance products, according to Claus. To this day, developers and production engineers at Roto are pursuing the same objectives as the company’s founder Wilhelm Frank, the man who gave the manufacturer its technological momentum: “By revising the friction stays, Roto has paved the way for window manufacturers around the world to enjoy continued success in future, even if the legal requirements for their products become more stringent.” As the scissor stays can be used on virtually all continents, this message is very close to his heart.

“german made” quality: “Roto FS Kempton” stainless-steel friction stays
Roto friction stays for Top-Hung windows with a sash weight of up to 180 kg are available in eight sizes from 8” to 26” for elements with a sash height from 250 to 2500 mm.

The range for Side-Hung windows includes five scissor stays in sizes from 8” to 16” for elements with a sash width from 300 to 750 mm.

The opening restrictor RH in the “FS Kempton” range is individually adjustable.
Roto “FS Kempton”: concealed lock packer sash
Roto “FS Kempton”: concealed lock sash
Roto “FS Kempton”: concealed lock packer frame component
Roto “FS Kempton”: concealed lock frame component

Roto Aluvision FS Kempton

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