Concealed hinge side combined with “Roto NX”

Formal and functional unit from Roto / “Roto Designo” precisely tailored to “Roto NX” / Sash weights of up to 150 kg with separate load transfer / Suitable for all frame materials / No conversion effort for window manufacturers / Fast installation and all functions / Lifting mishandling device and balcony door bullet catch as examples / Burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 / V locking cam as the basis

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) With the launch of “Roto (NT) Designo” in 2006, the manufacturer was by its own account one of the pioneers in the segment of fully concealed hinge sides. The key message today is the same as it was back then: all components disappear completely into the window rebate and therefore make various aesthetic profile views possible. 14 years after the launch, the continuously developed product forms a unit that impresses through form and function together with components from the “Roto NX” product range. With separate load transfer, sash weights of up to 150 kg are therefore possible in all frame materials.

Window manufacturers who produce concealed solutions and also already use the new Tilt&Turn hardware generation do not need to carry out any conversion work. The same applies to producers who have until now been using visible hinge sides. The fact that the “Designo” components are precisely tailored to the Tilt&Turn modular system greatly reduces the installation effort and even makes automated sash hardware installation possible. All the functions of Tilt&Turn hardware are integrated into the combination, such as tilt distance and turn restrictors and an anti-slam device.

Roto gives a few examples to explain how using “NX” modules has an impact on the concealed hinge side. The lifting mishandling device always lets the sash run into the frame at the same level and prevents the window from sagging on the handle side. The sturdy spring mechanism results in durable windows and balcony doors that require little maintenance. This is also ensured by the balcony door bullet catch with its sturdy design. Other effects: convenient run-in characteristics, high load bearing capacity and simpler installation thanks to the 7 mm height adjustment.

Burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 is ensured by the anti-jemmy protection in the corner hinge and the T striker-entry in the tilting mechanism, among other features. The V locking cam serves as the functional component. It impresses with the simultaneous adjustment of height and gasket compression, precise height adjustment and the minimal cam movement. It also absorbs more rebate-clearance tolerances and therefore speeds up installation of the elements.

Roto Designo Roto NX

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